Sep 23, 2021 // 6:15pm - 8:15pm EDT

Tipping the Scales: Levelling up the Product Practice in a Scaling Startup

Ria Pacheco shares her lessons and tactical take-aways as she aids Mydoma grow from start up to scale up and beyond!

How do you use your Product Manager's influence to enable growth?

How do you push a startup's Product practice to the next level?

Ria Pacheco can tell you. That's exactly what she's doing at Mydoma Studio.

When Ria joined the company, she realized that they needed a new way to think about their Product process. She will share her lessons learned and tactical take-aways as she helps Mydoma move up the chain from startup to scale-up and beyond.

You'll learn:

  • How to get buy-in for scaling by focusing on value
  • How to speak the languages of all your different teams
  • How to achieve robust and flexible scale with Scrum

About the Presenter

Ria Pacheco

is an experienced technical product manager, UX/UI designer, and cross-disciplinary team translator. Driven by her love of shipping undeniably useful products, she takes pride in creating and focusing all activities around the user's need and where the roadmap might take the team next.

Ria is the Director of Product at Mydoma Studio, a scaling start-up that's already helped thousands of interior designers confidently succeed in business. She is currently re-imagining the Mydoma platform to serve a wider market, leverage the most relevant technologies, and scale the company up to its full potential.

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