Nov 18, 2021 // 6:15pm - 8:15pm EDT

Product Management for Social Transformation

Dr. Alina Turner discusses their Social Product journey and the challenges of serving a vulnerable population along with multiple other stakeholders.

How do you use Product Management to create social good?

HelpSeeker Technologies is a Calgary-based social technology B-Corp that's changing the way that social services are delivered.

Join Dr. Alina Turner (Co-Founder/Co-President) and Carille Mendoza (Director of Product) as they discuss their Social Product journey and the challenges of serving a vulnerable population along with multiple other stakeholders.

You'll learn:

  • What social transformation looks like within a for-profit company
  • The nuances of Product Management in a B corporation.
  • How you can apply Product thinking to address public social issues

About the Presenters

Dr. Alina Turner

is the Co-Founder/Co-President of HelpSeeker Technologies - a social technology and innovation Alberta-based B-Corp, founded in 2018. Her background is as a social scientist with a specialization in systems planning and integration, and as a funder and social policy expert. She’s had the opportunity to work in systems change efforts on homelessness and affordable housing, domestic violence, poverty, mental health, and addictions throughout her career. Alina’s drive and passion for her work are grounded in her lived experience of the social issues she continues to challenge in her professional work. Her most recent interest is in putting new technologies to use in reforming the design and delivery of social safety nets. She is a Fellow at The School of Public Policy, University of Calgary, and serves on the Board of Directors for A Way Home Canada and the Alberta Rural Development Rural Advisory Board on housing and homelessness.

Carille Mendoza

is the Director of Product at HelpSeeker whose work is focused on creating products that meet user needs and establishing product practices and frameworks within the organization. Prior to HelpSeeker, she worked at ATB Ventures as a Software Developer where she gained experience in Digital Id, Social Robotics, and all parts of the Product Development Lifecycle. She joined HelpSeeker because she wants to use her skills and interests to participate in systemic social change. Carille has also been known to be an advocate for chicken nuggets and robotic pets.

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