Feb 10, 2022 // 4:15pm - 6:15pm MST

Product Leadership and Collaborative Decision-Making

A presentation with Laura Fletcher discussing how we can increase team and stakeholder buy-in while reducing pressure on ourselves by making collaborative efforts.

Product Leadership and Collaborative Decision-Making: How to Make Better Decisions as a Team

As a Product Manager, do you often feel under pressure to always make the right decision?

Does it often seem like it's all up to you to see the future, evangelize for it, bring the team along, and then execute?

It doesn't have to be like this. We can increase team and stakeholder buy-in and reduce unnecessary pressure on ourselves by reducing the number of decisions we make alone, and increasing the number of collaborative decisions we facilitate on our teams. In this session, Laura will share some simple facilitation techniques that will lead to great conversations and solid Product decisions. Come to learn the basics or refresh your skillset!

About the Presenter

Laura Fletcher

is a product leader with experience on products ranging from online interior design to DAO-native coordination toolkits. Most recently, she drove organizational transformation for US Federal Government agencies in adoption of best practices in product and software development. She currently works with the good folks at Gitcoin, a web3 startup focused on funding digital public goods, while actively seeking a full-time role in the climate tech industry. She has a BA from Princeton University in Comparative Literature and an MBA from Yale School of Management. Facilitation is her product super power; being consistently unable to cook things without burning them is her regular one.

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