Nov 09, 2022 // 6:00pm - 8:00pm MDT

From Oil & Gas Engineer to Startup CPO

Join Thomas Alvarez as he walks us through his non-linear journey filled with successes and failures to land in a Founder and Product role.

From Oil & Gas Engineer to Startup CPO

Product Calgary is excited to host Thomas Alvarez, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Goodlawyer at Platform Calgary on November 9, 2022! Goodlaywer is a Calgary-based legal tech startup servicing founders with all of their legal needs from MVP to Series B. Starting just 3 years ago, they have raised over $3M in funding and helped thousands of businesses across Canada. This event is sponsored by Alberta Innovates.

Join Tom Alvarez as he talks about his transition from oil & gas engineering to co-founding a legal tech startup and learning Product along the way. Tom will tell his story, share resources that have helped him along his product and founder journey, and answer questions about startups and product (no question is too basic, although some might be too complex 😂)

About the Presenter

Tom operates at the intersection of Goodlawyer’s UX, technology and business. He helps identify users’ needs and the broader business objectives for Goodlawyer products and rallies the team to turn that vision into a reality. Tom is a rare combination of graphic designer and mechanical engineer, having left his engineering career in 2014 to obtain a design degree from the Alberta University of the Arts. Believing that working hard and following his passions would lead to success, he co-founded Goodlawyer in 2019 and hasn’t looked back.

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