Jan 25, 2023 // 6:30pm - 8:30pm MST

Building a Philanthropic Future at Scale

Join Wade Lahring and Kelly Tweddell as they walk us through their experiences on growing a philanthropic product and lessons learned along the way

Building a Philanthropic Future at Scale

Product Calgary is excited to host Wade Lahring and Kelly Tweddell, Product Managers at Benevity at our very first 2023 meetup on January 25! We will be hosted by Benevity and sponsored by Alberta Innovates.

Benevity's software is used by over a third of the Fortune 500 including Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon. It dramatically reduces the cost of employee volunteering and matching programs, enabling more businesses to do more good at lower cost. Benevity has built a database of over 2 million vetted nonprofits so companies can send nonprofits money risk-free and without having to vet the company themselves. It has also pioneered a disbursement model which has helped shift the corporate giving space from expensive, slow, and risky cheque-based payment to cheap, fast, and safe aggregated electronic payments. Its mission is to act as a catalyst to infuse a culture of Goodness into the world.

Wade Lahring and Kelly Tweddell are product managers at Benevity and, during this presentation, will share some of their experiences working on B2B Enterprise SaaS, and lessons learned along the way.

About the Speakers
Wade Lahring

Wade has worked at Benevity for 6 years, with the last 3 on the product management team. He's worked on search, reporting, process automation, and self-serve administration tools. Currently he's responsible for overseeing development of the company's volunteering and missions products.

Kelly Tweddell

Kelly has been a Product Manager at Benevity for 4 years. Kelly is responsible for Benevity's mobile applications which make it easy for people to have an impact through giving and volunteering. In her time at Benevity she has also worked on search, content discovery and internal tools.

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